Travel and Transport

At Meraki Care, we understand the importance of reliable transportation for maintaining independence and accessing essential services. Our dedicated support staff is here to ensure you get to your appointments and other community engagements safely and on time.

Personalized Transport Services Include:

  • Scheduled Trips: We organize your travel in advance for weekly shopping, regular medical appointments, and other necessary outings, ensuring you never have to worry about missing a bus.
  • Safe and Comfortable Vehicles: Meraki Care maintains a fleet of well-equipped vehicles to provide comfortable and secure transportation.
  • Group Outings: For social and recreational activities, we offer a 12-seater bus that facilitates group participant outings, enhancing the community living experience.

Streamlined Transport Solutions

With Meraki Care, transportation is straightforward and stress-free. Our vehicles and scheduling capabilities are designed to meet your specific travel needs, whether for individual appointments or group activities.

Connect with Us

To learn more about our Travel and Transport Assistance services or to schedule your next trip, please contact Meraki Care. We’re here to assist you in navigating your community with ease and confidence.