Promoting Independence with Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) programs are designed to empower individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling, independent lives. We offer tailored support in modern, nurturing homes equipped with all necessary amenities to ensure comfort and safety.

Creating a Home-Like Environment:

Our SIL homes are more than just residences; they are communities where individuals can thrive. Each home is designed to provide a warm, welcoming environment that promotes independence while offering the necessary support. Residents have access to 24/7 staff assistance, ensuring that help is always available when needed.

Customized Support Plans:

Understanding that each individual has unique needs, we develop customized support plans that cater to personal preferences and goals. Our dedicated team works closely with residents to create care plans that include assistance with daily activities, personal care, medication management, and social engagement. This personalized approach helps residents gain confidence and achieve greater independence.

Building Life Skills:

Our SIL programs emphasize the development of essential life skills. We provide training and support in areas such as cooking, budgeting, and household management. By learning and practicing these skills, residents gain the competence and confidence needed to manage their own lives effectively.

Community Integration:

Community engagement is a vital aspect of our SIL services. We encourage residents to participate in local activities, join community groups, and build social networks. This integration helps foster a sense of belonging and enriches the lives of our residents through meaningful interactions and experiences.

Holistic Health and Well-Being:

Meraki Care Services takes a holistic approach to health and well-being. Our nursing staff is available to address medical needs, while our support workers focus on emotional and social well-being. We offer a range of therapeutic activities designed to promote physical health, mental well-being, and overall happiness.


Supported Independent Living at Meraki Care Services is about more than just providing a place to live; it’s about creating an environment where individuals with disabilities can thrive. Through personalized support, life skills training, and community integration, we help our residents achieve their highest potential for independence and quality of life.